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Apr 12 - Apr 18 2015
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Sat 18
Studio Classes Body Sculpt - Stephanie
Studio Classes Body Sculpt - Stephanie
Studio Classes Yoga - Jen
Aqua Aerobics Gutts 'n' Butts - Jenn
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Intervals - AngieStudio Classes BOSU Sculpt - Lana
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Conditioning - JennStudio Classes Basic Step - Lana
Studio Classes Body Sculpt - Lana
Studio Classes Step Mania - Whitney
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Cardio - Angie
Studio Classes Sit n Be fit - AnnStudio Classes ZUMBA - Erica
Aqua Aerobics Gutts 'n' Butts - AngieStudio Classes NIA - Amber
Studio Classes Chair Yoga - LeeAnn
Studio Classes Nia - Amber
Studio Classes NIA - Amber
Studio Classes NIA - Yolanda
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Box - Angie
Studio Classes Yoga - Marci / Jenny O
Spinning 20/20 (Spin/Abs) - DannaAqua Aerobics Aqua Intervals - KelliStudio Classes Stretch Ball and Tone - Lana
Studio Classes BOSU Sculpt - Lana
Spinning 20/20 (Spin/Abs) - DannaAqua Aerobics Aqua Cardio - KelliStudio Classes Stretch Ball & Tone - Lana
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Zumba - EmmaStudio Classes ZUMBA - Erica
Spinning 20/20 Spin/Abs - DannaAqua Aerobics Aqua Zumba - EmmaStudio Classes Strength & Motion - Lana
Studio Classes Gentle Yoga
Studio Classes BOSU Power - Stephanie
Studio Classes Power Hour - Stephanie
Studio Classes Beginner Yoga - Jenny O
Studio Classes Power Hour - Lana
Studio Classes Cardio Kickboxing - Angie
Studio Classes Pilates - Adriana
Studio Classes Zumba - Emma
Studio Classes Body Blast - Lana
Studio Classes Cardio Core Combat - Danna
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Volley Ball Studio Classes Body Sculpt -Kellie
Studio Classes ZUMBA - Emma
Aqua Aerobics Aqua Volley Ball
Spinning Spin - ElStudio Classes Step Mania - Whitney
Spinning 20/20 (Spin/Abs) - DannaStudio Classes Ballet Fusion - Monica
Studio Classes Body Drop Hip Hop- Meagan
Spinning 20/20 (Spin/Abs) - DannaStudio Classes Step Mania - Whitney
Studio Classes ZUMBA - Melody
Studio Classes ZUMBA - Wendy
Studio Classes ZUMBA - Emma
Studio Classes Yoga - Marci
Studio Classes Yoga - Marci
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Prenatal Yoga Program Coming Soon to the South Club!

Increase Strength, Tone, Flexibility and Balance with Ballet Fusion at South Club!

 8 Week TRX Workshop Starts April 14th at the North Gym.

Space is limited. Sign-up Now!!

Cancun Challenge Party at 5pm (everyone welcome) and Open House (all day-visit for free) Monday April 20th at South Location.

We are looking for energetic, team driven individuals to join our team! Apply today!
 To be considered, please email resume with cover letter or apply in person. 

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